Hi you there, Folks

Folks, I had a hell of a time getting back from Brooklyn this morning - apologies for the late post. And right down to business:

"Carnival Celebration" is an encore performance by the afore mentioned Small Island Pride. How much do I love this guy? So very, very much. And how striking is this song? The most obvious thing to point out, I'd guess, is the parallel to rap: The fact that Calypso was a battle medium (once the musical accomp. to stick-fights), that it served as a wire-service, that it was revolutionary, and violent, that it valued wit and verbal dexterity - the vocabulary:

"nayga," "old style" - and the ready-to-die finale. It took me a while to work out the lyrics here, so I'll transcribe:

Man. The way he sings "mother and father" - that, too, kills me.

Track 9: More Sun-Ra produced doo-wop, though calling this stuff doo-wop is doing it a serious disservice. Track 10: The first of a mini-Memphis-two-fer, the rippingest rockabilly track around, and a somewhat appropriate one for this time of year. (NB, John Barr: Johnny Burnette Trio produced by the one & only Bob Thiele! But not this track.) Track 11: Memphis music is alive and well. Track 12: How different this demo of "Teenager in Love" is from the finished song! I'm glad Doc & Mort revised this draft - 'cause how great is it to be young and in love? I could try to answer that, but I just turned 33, so technically, I'm no longer qualified. NB:Special thanks to David "I Reserve The Right To Eat Pussy" Brendel for digging this up! Track 13: I'll leave this to the imagination (it was recorded thirty years ago, but might as well have been thirty years earlier, or thirty years from now), but this is the one song I heard this year that actually brought tears to my eyes. For, like, twelve different reasons. And Track 14: is another, excellent take on "Teenager." More tomorrow, thanks for tuning in, and a very happy new year to you & yours!