Completely unrelated but very amusing

SO at a High School reunion a few years back I drank too much red wine and agreed to take over the class' alumni notes updates. I went to a small private school in DC. My classmates got good jobs, houses, reproduced. So I quickly realized that the updates weren't going to be the saucy Penny Dreadfuls I had hoped. So now I pretty much make stuff up. I enlisted fellow classmate JJ and we got to work. We invented delinquent offspring. We married my friend Tim M. off to Lark Voorhies.

Anyway, notes are due again in a week or so, and I'm giving the readers the chance to pen some updates for me. Make something up about someone in my class and I'll get you published. Or tell me a story about a real kid from your class going places or going off the rails, and I'll swap the name out and get it published. It can be just a few words, a chance encounter, or a continuing narrative that I could weave through multiple installments. It's like you would be sponsoring an African child; a white, wealthy, African manchild who will never awkwardly show up at your apartment one day. Or just get on the comments board and tell us about a weird kid you went to school with.

As for the music here: songs you might have found in my old walkman, or cold-boomin' from Page B.'s Jetta.

The EU tracks are from what I think was a cassette-only release. I ripped them myself from the old tape so pardon the wobbly quality.

And finally, bear with us the next week or so as we experience some hosting and bandwidth issues. If a song doesnt seem to download, or the site seems down, try again a bit later.